Tri-Axis Analog Accelerometers Elevate Data-Sampling Rates

Tri-Axis Analog Accelerometers Elevate Data-Sampling Rates

Kionix’s low-noise KXR94 and KXD94 accelerometers feature high data-sampling rates, and internal low-pass filter, and multiplexed output for consumer- and automotive-grade applications. The tri-axis accelerometer’s internal sensor elements (X,Y, and Z) are sequentially sampled in a “round robin” fashion at 32 kHz per axis. When combined with the 5-µs settling time of the integrated four-channel multiplexer, users can achieve performance close to that of three separate analog outputs. Typical operating bandwidth ranges from approximately 50 to 2500 Hz. Both models provide high signal-to-noise ratio with integrated temperature compensation. The KXD94 offers ±5 to ±15 g ranges, while the KXR94 comes in the standard ±2 g range. They’re housed in a 5- by 5- by 1.2-mm, 14-pin DFN package.


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