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Triaxial Accelerometer Logs In As Market’s Smallest

Triaxial Accelerometer Logs In As Market’s Smallest

The Endevco model 35A is described as the world’s smallest ISOTRON (IEPE-type) triaxial accelerometer with integral electronics, designed for vibration measurements in three orthogonal axes on very small objects. Offering a low impedance output, shear mode construction and weighing 1.1g without cable, the unit is capable of reducing the unwanted effects of mass loading on more delicate test structures. Sensor output is transmitted through the same wires that supply the required 4 mA of constant-current power. The model comes pre-installed with both field repairable and factory replaceable fine gage wires (34 AWG) as output leads. The Model 35A includes the Endevco model 3027AM5-120 cable with pigtails at one end to connect to the pre-installed accelerometer wires and three BNC connectors at the other end.  A removal tool is also included. MEGGITT SENSING SYSTEMS, San Juan Capistrano, CA. (949) 493-8181.


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