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Triple-Lock Connector System Bolsters Reliability, Stability

Triple-Lock Connector System Bolsters Reliability, Stability

The power triple lock (PTL) system developed by TE Connectivity enhances connection stability with two optional locks—the connector position assurance (CPA) and terminal position assurance (TPA). The CPA secures the connector to remain intact and engaged. The TPA prevents the terminal from backing out, and ensures that contacts are fully seated in the connector. An anti-snag locking latch on the plug housing prevents wires from becoming tangled under the latch. The system features a centerline spacing of 6.0 mm, and an upgraded lanceless contact design. Housing material options include V0 materials in standard 105°C, glow wire materials that comply with IEC60335, and high-temperature materials up to 150°C. The PTL connector maintains both panel-mount and free-hanging receptacles. Four keying options help prevent mis-mating. Applications include household appliances, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, industrial machinery, and lighting.


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