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True Color Sensor’s Modulated Light Produces Accurate Color Results

The QC50 true color sensor reliably analyzes and identifies user-determined colors. While standard sensing methods only detect light-to-dark contrast, this unit emits a modulated light that, when reflected back from an object, is electronically filtered to its red, green, and blue components. With this configuration, users can accurately determine colors. The QC50 features color-only and color-plus-intensity sensing modes. Color-only mode is ideal for sorting applications where the color differences are obvious, such as red, black, or green. The color-plus-intensity mode refines the sensor's capabilities to include gray scale. This mode is used for batch sorting when a specific color within a family must be identified. With its three independent output channels, the QC50 can be set to reliably detect up to three different user-defined colors. Also, the sensor provides a 335-ms response speed, suiting it for integration into a high-speed production process. Two pushbuttons enable manual adjustment of the color channels, sensing modes, and tolerance levels. The QC50 suits the packaging, automotive, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, printing, semiconductors, and quality assurance industries, among others. The device costs $439 apiece.

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