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TVS Comes In A 0401 CSP

Available in a 0402-size wafer-level chip scale package (CSP) measuring 1 mm x 0.5 mm, the SP0501BAC transient voltage suppressor (TVS) avalanche diode is suitable for high-speed signal line protection in hand held and portable devices. Features include a capacitance of 30 pF, clamping voltage of 13V, sub-nanosecond response time, and low leakage current. Designed for bipolar or uni-polar signals up to 5V with a 0.65-mm bump pitch, the component can sustain ESD up to 30 kV per IEC standard and 30 kV per the human body model (HBM). In addition, SP05xC family of TVS avalanche diode arrays in a CSP features a capacitance of 39 pF, clamping voltage of 12V, and can sustain ESD of 18 kV per IEC standard and 30 kV per HBM. For further information and prices, call LITTLEFUSE, INC., Des Plaines, IL. (800) 999-9445.


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