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TVS Components Withstand Up To 3,000A

Capable of handling surge currents up to 3,000A, the SIDACtor transient voltage suppressors (TVSs) use a patented ion implant technology to provide surge protection within nanoseconds. Transparent to the circuits they protect in stand-by mode, the components are said to exhibit high off-state impedance that eliminates excessive leakage current. Typically placed behind a slow-blow fuse or other current-limiting device, the component simulates a short-circuit condition until the current falls below its holding current. The series is rated with VDRM ranging from 6 to 320V, surge ratings from 50A for a 10 x 560 µs event to 500A for a 2 x 10 µs event, and peak operating temperature ranges from -40ûC to 150ûC.The components are available in DO-214, TO-92, TO-220/Type 61, TO-220 two-chip, and TO-220 balanced three-chip packages. For further information and prices, call TECCOR ELECTRONICS, Irving, TX. (972) 580-7777.


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