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TVS Diodes Offer Lower Clamping Voltage Than MLVs

Introduced as the first ESD protection ICs to integrate single-line transient-voltage suppression (TVS) into a SOD-323 package, the SDxx family of TVS diodes also claims to offer clamping voltages that are up to 300% lower than other non-TV solutions. The 5V SD05 and 12V SD12 diodes clamp at 9.8V and 19V, respectively, for 5A pulses at 8/20-µs durations.
Both devices protect CMOS circuits from ESDs with peak pulse power of up to 350W to meet IEC 1000-4-2 and up to 24A peak pulse current to meet IEC 1000-4-5. The devices are priced at $0.26 each/1000.


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