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Two Clock Oscillators Sport A Frequency Range To 70 MHz

A pair of clock oscillators feature a 3.3V input voltage along with a 1- to 70-MHz frequency range. The devices—the XO-543 and XO-523—also feature TLL and HCMOS compatibility and a tri-state mode that allows the output to be placed into a high-impedance state. Both standard and industrial temperature ranges are available with two through-hole hermetically-sealed package options: 14-pin DIP for the XO-543 and half-size eight-pin DIP for the XO-523. The devices provide clock signal sources for digital ICs and microprocessors in low-power applications including computers, portable peripherals, and communications equipment. Typical input current ranges from 10 mA to 30 mA with rise and fall times of 10 ns maximum. A ±100 ppm frequency stability over operating temperature range is standard, with ±25 ppm and ±50 ppm also available. Price ranges from $1.95 to $3.21 each/500.


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