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Two-Inch-Wide Switching Power Supplies Range From 10 To 30 W

Open-frame, high-density, high-efficiency power supplies recently unveiled by TDK-Lambda feature a width of a mere two inches. Output power ratings for the ZWS10-30B series switchers are 10, 15, and 30 W. They consume less than 0.5 W under no-load conditions (0.2 W typical). In addition to the two-inch width, their profiles are one inch or less depending on the output rating. Lengths of the devices are 2.89, 3.44, and 4.13 inches for the 10-, 15-, and 30-W models, respectively. These single-output power supplies operate from a universal 85- to 265-V ac input, and come with a choice of output voltage: 3.3, 5, 12, 15, or 24 V dc. All outputs are user-adjustable by ±10%. All series models can be operated at full load with convection cooling from −10 to +50°C ambient temperature (up to +70°C with suitable derating). Applications include industrial, test and measurement, communications, and point-of-sale terminals/displays.


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