Two-Pole Smart Connector Integrates Selective Mate Keys

Two-Pole Smart Connector Integrates Selective Mate Keys

The SB Smart connector meets the connection needs for high-power storage batteries used in a larger system, or where batteries require monitoring and control circuits. Developed by Anderson Power Products, the device includes and a selective mate keying system. Two primary power contacts feature the company’s flat wiping contact technology. Low-resistance, silver-plated crimp and poke contacts, available for up to 1/0 AWG (50 mm2) wire, allow for a UL rating of up to 230 A per pole. The SB Smart auxiliary module accommodates up to 16 auxiliary positions, suitable for signal or low power (up to 20 A). Its gold-plated, crimp and poke pin and socket contacts are available for 12 to 20 AWG (2.5 to 0.5 mm2) wire. The UL94 V-0 flame-retardant polycarbonate housing with power-and-signal contacts lasts up to 10,000 mating cycles. The housings have an integral key system that allows only intended connector halves to mate.


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