Ultra-Broadband Caps Take On ~16-kHz To 40-GHz DC Blocking

Ultra-Broadband Caps Take On ~16-kHz To 40-GHz DC Blocking

New ultra-broadband capacitors developed by AVX Corp. address dc blocking from ~16 kHz to 40 GHz. Along with ultra-broadband performance, the GX0S series capacitors feature insertion loss in the range of 0.4 dB (insertion loss above 40 GHz partially depends on installation parameters). Capacitance is 0.1 µF, and tolerance comes in at ±20%. The device operates at 6.3 V dc at 85°C, or 4.0 V dc at 125°C. Use of the company’s precision thin-film termination process suits the capacitors for high-volume solder assembly. Terminations are either standard nickel-tin or wire-bondable nickel-gold (useful in bypass applications). Packaged in a 0301 case, the GX0S devices will find homes in semiconductor data communications, transmit-and-receive optical subassemblies, transimpedance amplifiers, and test equipment.


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