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Ultra-Compact SMT Relay Withstands 1500V Surges

Designed to withstand 1500V surge voltages as specified in FCC Part 68, the HX-SMD relay is an ultra-compact, non-polarized 2 Form C unit that's a surface-mount equivalent to the company's HX through-hole design. Thanks to its small size, the HX-SMD relay has many applications in telephone equipment, communication and measurement devices, office equipment, home appliances, audio/visual equipment, and other high-density circuits.The surface-mount relay measures 7.4 mm (0.291") wide x 15 mm (0.591") long x 10 mm (0.394") tall. The use of a gold-clad, bifurcated structure for the movable contacts and a low-gas material for the forming materials and coil wiring ensures high contact reliability. Units are rated at a nominal switching capacity (resistive load) of 1A at 30 vdc or 300 mA at 125 vac. Nominal operating power is 320 mW. Relays conform to UL and CSA standards.


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