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Ultra-Low Resistance Current Sensor Serves Portables

Designed for applications in miniature portable devices, the PF1206 is an ultra-low-resistance current sensor with a resistance range of 1 to 50 m? and a temperature coefficient of 75 ppm/ºC. The sensors are made using the company’s metal foil and metal alloy processing technologies to combine PCB substrate and resistance foil, which renders them capable of delivering 5% to 10% less temperature rise than similar products. Sensors are offered in both 0.25-W and 0.5-W versions and are suited for use in the power-control circuits of net books and notebook computers or the hard disks of other compact portable devices that have stringent space as well as current sensing and over-current protection requirements. Samples of the PF1206 have been sent to major customers with mass production underway. The release of PF1206, half the size of existing 2512 version, will be followed by the introduction of new PF series chip resistors with strengthened power and efficiency. YAGEO CORP., Taipei, Taiwan. 886 2 2917-7555.

Company: YAGEO CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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