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Ultra-Sonic Sensor Boasts High Accuracy

A new analog ultra-sonic sensor has has an accuracy of ±0.002" or 0.05% of range, whichever is greater at 25°C. It also has a built-in temperature compensation target to monitor and compensate for air temperature 50 times/sec. Additionally, the sensor compensates for changes in relative humidity, barometric pressure, and other factors influencing the speed of sound. Housed in a 47 mm stainless steel barrel, which is electrically isolated from the sensor electronics,the RPS-412A accepts an input voltage of 20 to 30 Vdc and produces a 0V to 10V fixed analog output. The device is designed to take advantage of today’s PLC and computer analog input cards. The analog input card determines the resolution of the system. For further information and pricing, contact MIGATRON CORP., Woodstock, IL. (888) 644-2876.


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