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Ultra-Stable Microwave Coax Cables Match Up With Multiple Cutoffs

The SLA series microwave coaxial cables from Semflex are specifically matched to the maximum frequency ranges of N, SMA, 2.29-mm, 1.85-mm, and other popular connectors. These double-shielded cables build on the company's LA290 cables. Different versions satisfy various cutoff frequency requirements up to 67 GHz (see the table).

For example, the 50-(omega) cables have a low loss of 19.5 dB/ft (at 100 ft), low capacitance of 25 pF/ft (24 pF/ft for the SLA18), and a breakdown-voltage rating up to 15 kV. Shielding effectiveness is greater than 100 dB. This performance suits the cables for instrument-grade applications like phase-network analyzer/vector-network analyzer (PNA/VNA) and phase-critical functions, including electronic countermeasures (ECMs) and radar.

Silver-plated inner and outer conductors and microporous dielectric polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material provide the cables' low attenuation. Low-loss, phase-stability, and shielding effectiveness characteristics result from combining a helically served flat braid with a second shield that provides a minimum round braid coverage of 97%.

Available from stock, SLA series cables can be delivered on bulk reels. Pricing ranges from $3.89/ft to $13.26/ft, based on size and quantity.

Semflex Inc.
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