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Ultracapacitor Lines Win UL 810A Recognition

A number of specific cells and modules in the PowerBurst family of ultracapacitors have received UL 810A recognition. With a wide temperature range of 40°C to 65°C, a limitless charge/discharge cycle life (500k), and a low equivalent series resistance, the PowerBurst ultracapacitors promote optimal product and system performance. The UL 810A-recognized modules include the 5.4-V radial-leaded PBL series and the PBLL series, which uses flexible leads and a JST ZHR-2 quick connector. The PBL/PBLL parts feature a capacitance range of 0.25 F to 15.0 F. Sizes range from 18.0 mm by 9.0 mm by 16.0 mm to 37.0 mm by 35.0 mm by 17.5 mm. Other modules in the PowerBurst line include the cylindrical, radial-leaded 2.7-V TPL and 2.7 TPLS cells with snap-in leads. They come in values from 0.5 F to 400 F. Sizes range from 8 mm (diameter) by 12 mm (length) to 35 mm (diameter) by 60 mm (length). In 1000-piece quantities, the PBL/PBLL series of 5.4-V parts range from $2.19 to $8.29. Prices of the TPL/TPLS 2.7-V PowerBurst ultracapacitors range from $0.84 to $24.00. Delivery is from stock to six to eight weeks. Custom orders are welcome. TECATE INDUSTRIES, San Diego, CA. (619) 398-9700.


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