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Ultraminiature Relay Array Taps MEMS Technology

Design engineers responsible for developing products such as telecomm systems, micro-instrumentation and ATE will reportedly find the performance of this new 10-switch microarray comparable to traditional electromechanical relays, but with greater functionality packed into a smaller package that also uses less power. Based on microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology, the microarray combines 10 microrelays in a 33 x 20 mm ceramic package. It can be configured to connect one of any five inputs to one of any five outputs, or it can direct a single input to any combination of 10 outputs or vice versa. As to performance characteristics, the MEMS microarray offers typical close and open switching times of 8 ms, depending on control voltage, and maximum switched voltage and current of 30V and 100 mA, respectively. Total on-resistance is


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