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Ultrasonic Analog Sensor Billed As The Smallest, Fastest And Most Repeatable

Claimed to be one of the smallest, fastest and most repeatable ultrasonic analog sensors in the industry, the Superprox Model SM606 Series sensor is said to offer reliable measurement and control of materials with fixed span limits within sensing ranges up to 254 mm. The ultrasonic sensors continuously monitor the distance to an object and generate either a directly or inversely proportional 0 to 10V output. Objects of all colors and materials as small as 1.59 mm in diameter, transparent or opaque, liquid or solid, can be detected by the sensors. Through its narrow, 7° sonic beam, the sensor can detect levels in containers with openings as small as 9.52 mm. Sensors with an 18-mm barrel housing are available in either plastic or stainless steel. Sensors with a flat profile housing measuring 74 x 16 x 30 mm are available in plastic only. Operating on 15 to 24 Vdc, the 500-kHz sensors are sealed to withstand dirty, 100% humidity, high-pressure washdown environments. With protection ratings of NEMA 4X and IP67, the sensors can also resist most acids and bases, including most food products. The ultrasonic sensors can be ordered either as field programmable or fixed field models from the factory. HYDE PARK ELECTRONICS INC., Dayton, OH. (937) 252-2121.


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