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Ultrasonic Sensor Detects Clear Labels On Clear Webs

Combining new piezoelectric transducer and microprocessor technology allows the SUPERPROX® Model SM607A-A08-01 flat-profile proximity sensor series to incorporate high speed and high sensitivity in the reliable detection of a variety of label edges as thin as 0.051 mm. The sensor series detects standard and irregular-shaped labels of all types, sizes and colors, even clear labels on clear webs. Featuring a 25.4 deadband for close-up mounting, the sensors have a fixed-sensing window of 12.7 mm within a sensing range of 38.1 mm. Anther benefit is found in sampling rates as fast as 0.5 ms, 2000 samples per second, resulting in the detection of label edges moving past the sensor at a web speed of 3048 mm per second. The sensors offer reliable detection of items such as tamper-proof safety seals, flat caps, paper and film edges, tape on packages, perforations and bag seams and more. They are unaffected by changing colors, ambient light and noise and are CE certified. Call for pricing.


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