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Ultrasonic Sensors Sport High Accuracy

Available in switched-output (discrete) and analog models, the U-GAGE Q45UR ultrasonic sensors come with a remote sensing head to suit applications with limited space. Pushbutton programming lets users set custom sensing windows. On switched-output (discrete) models, users set a sensing window size of 1, 2, 3 or 4 mm with DIP switches. The sensing distance setpoint, programmed with the Limits pushbutton, is centered in that window. Precision programmability allows these sensors to resolve object presence within 0.6 mm at any point from 50 to 150 mm. Discrete sensors offer repeatability of ±0.1% of sensing distance set point. The analog sensors have selectable response modes and speeds and their output can be set to a positive or negative slope for direct or inverse relation of output value to increasing distance between target and sensor. Output response speed is set using the single-turn potentiometer. Analog sensors are well-suited for gauging and similar inspection applications such as monitoring changing roll diameter, changing material levels, and loop tension for control of web speed.


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