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Upcoming Nano-Assembly Technical Conferences

Many technical conferences are adding more presentations to their programs to address nano-assembly, and some exclusively focus on that topic. One such important upcoming meeting is the New England Inter-national Nanotechnology Workshop, June 16-18, at Northeastern University in Boston. It's organized by Northeastern University, the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, and the University of New Hampshire. Click on www.nano.neu.edu for registration.

Another major conference with lots of nano-assembly presentations is the 8th International Commercialization of Micro and Nanotechnology Conference, COMS 2003, in Amster-dam, the Netherlands, Sept. 8-11. Organized by MANCEF, it will feature about 15 papers on nanotechnology commercialization issues, including manufacturing issues and applications. "This is up dramatically from five last year, and only one in 2001," says MANCEF president Roger Grace, also of Roger Grace Associates. Go to www.mancef.org to sign up.

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