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USB-To-I<sup>2</sup>C Dongle Meets Multiple Connectivity Needs

The IO-Warrior24-based dongle offers a simple and easy-to-use means of connecting I2C devices via a USB port. Connecting sensors, service interfaces, test and evaluation circuits and a lot more applications can be easily answered with the IOW24-DG I2C dongle. The I2C master interface operates at 100 kHz and allows a throughput of up to 750 bytes/s. Handshaking via clock stretching is supported as well as a programmable timeout to prevent the dongle from hanging due to misbehaving slaves. A special mode to talk to Sensirion humidity sensors is also available. To allow compatibility with 3.3-V slaves, the internal pull-up resistors can be switched off under software control. The dongle PCB has solder pads for pull-up resistors and protection diodes to 3.3 V on the back side. The mechanical dimensions of the IOW24-DG dongle are within the limits for a USB standard plug. This prevents the dongle from blocking adjacent ports and allows multiple dongles to be used on a single computer or USB hub without losing ports. The IOW24-DG dongle is available at €25 (excluding VAT) and is shipped as a set consisting of the assembled and tested PCB, a four-wire cable and two-part dongle case. CODE MERCENARIES, HARD- UND SOFTWARE GMBH, Großziethen, Germany. x49-3379-20 50 9 20.


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