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UV Curable Epoxy Features Enhanced Chemical Resistance

UV Curable Epoxy Features Enhanced Chemical Resistance

Master Bond UV16 is a one component, no mix epoxy system that cures in one minute or less at room temperature with commercial UV light sources. A 100% reactive epoxy, it is uninhibited by oxygen and does not release any solvents or volatiles during the curing process. It will cure in thicknesses up to 0.125 inches and has a 2% to 3% shrinkage rate, which is substantially lower than most free radical UV adhesives. Tensile strength exceeds 4,100 psi and Shore D hardness is over 75. Post-curing UV16 at +90°C to +125°C for 30 minutes gives the adhesive a glass transition temperature of +135°C and enhances its chemical resistance. MASTER BOND INC., Hackensack, NJ. (201) 343-8983.

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