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UV/WF Fiber Basks In High Temperature Environments

Tailored for high-temperature applications, the Optran Polyimide UV/WF polyimide coated silica/silica fibers handle temperatures from +100°C to +250°C completely unaffected and can withstand long-term temperatures up to +400°C. The fibers are also available in Optran Plus and Optran Ultra with NAs up to 0.37, which is allegedly exceptionally high for a silica/silica fiber. For extreme-temperature applications, the PowerLightGuide fused end bundle can withstand temperatures up to +675°C. Without the need for epoxy, the fused end bundles can increase transmission by up to 50%. The fibers support a range of spectral transmissions from 190 nm to 2500 nm. They also offer high resistance to laser damage and a high core-to-clad ratio. For more details, call CERAMOPTEC INDUSTRIES INC., East Longmeadow, MA. (800) 321-0790.


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