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Vacuum Solenoid Valves Target Medical Apps

Designed for use in vacuum chambers for sterilizing medical instruments, this series of solenoid valves features high flows, bubble-tight sealing, standard vacuum fittings and standard flanges for international use. Other features include: electron beam seamless welding of flange to body; purity requirements allowing no trapped particles on the inner diameter; several million cycle endurance for critical life operation; and Teflon outside coating to eliminate dust and possible wear-creating particles. Two basic models are available: the smaller one is electrically operated with 1/2" orifice, two-way normally-closed, FKM plunger seal and static seal material. The larger of the valves is air-operated by cylinder with a 1-in. orifice to meet high-flow requirements. Both valves employ anodized aluminum bodies with all stainless steel inner moving parts. Call for pricing.


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TAGS: Medical
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