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Vapor Chamber Heat Sinks Cool Communications Equipment

The new Therma-Base vapor chamber heat sinks expand the companyÕs line of communications cooling solutions. Therma-Base vapor chambers are plate shaped heat pipes used as the base of a heat sink. The heat sinks are purported to transfer heat more efficiently and evenly than solid conductors, thereby minimizing spreading resistance at the heat source. A unique internal wick architecture enables the heat sinks to work in any orientation. Therma-Base vapor chambers and other heat pipe heat sinks handle higher heat loads more efficiently in space-constrained applications. A single Therma-Base heat sink cools multiple components with varying high heat fluxes. Heat loads from 50W to 500W and heat fluxes of up to 90 W/cm2 and beyond are typical for Therma-Base vapor chamber applications. The products are custom-designed to meet customersÕ unique packaging requirements. THERMACORE INTERNATIONAL INC., Lancaster, PA. (717) 569-6551 x263.


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