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VCSEL Light Beam Irons Out Optical Far-Field Variations

By producing a highly stable light beam, the ZL60001/2 family of 850-nm oxide-confined vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) devices can significantly enhance optical equipment. Its optical system generates a beam that will minimize variations in the optical far field when current and temperature change. In traditional VCSEL devices, fluctuations in current or temperature change the shape and angle of the light beam emitted from the laser. To compensate for these variations, current VCSEL solutions typically require customized fiber connectors equipped with external lenses. The ZL60001/2's very stable output beams closely match the circular shape of the fiber core. As a result, they can be used with standardized fiber connectors, eliminating the need for customized connectors with lenses. The high and stable coupling efficiency also minimizes the risk of mode partition noise. The VCSELs operate at up to 3.1 Gbits/s and are designed for equipment operating at short (740 to 920 nm) wavelengths. The ZL60001 (VCSEL without monitor) costs $6 each in 100,000-unit quantities. The ZL60002 (with monitor) is priced at $8 each in similar lots.

Zarlink Semiconductor; (613) 592 0200

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