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Vents Provide EMI/RFI Shielding

Designed as simple screw-on panels in several frame styles, the ECP 8000 series aluminum shielding vents have a standard construction of aluminum honeycomb in two layers. Each layer is 6.3 mm thick with a 3-mm cell diameter and is laminated in a cross-cell construction and contained in a peripheral extruded aluminum frame. Optional frame styles are flat or with groove, depending upon type of seal required, with drilled holes or threaded inserts provided for fixing. Finishes include chromate, tin and nickel for standard honeycomb versions. Attenuation level is 60 dB for chromate and 115 dB for nickel at 1 GHz, plane wave. A chromate finish with cross-cell honeycomb version provides 90 dB typical attenuation at 1 GHz, plane wave.


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