Electronic Design

Versatile PC Adapter Interconnects USB To I²C Buses

A full-featured USB-to-I2C adapter supports all I2C protocols, including master and slave protocols, in 8- and 16-bit extended addressing formats for 100- and 400-kHz modes. The UCA93LV can also monitor, noninvasively, an external I2C bus with new real-time data-filtering features for specific addresses, as well as for a full data-logging mode. It includes the adapter module, a 6-ft USB cable, a user's manual, Windows 98/2000/Me/xP drivers, and a real-time monitor program. Ready-to-run WIN I2C software is available as an option. The UCA93LV is available now for $499.

Saelig Company
www.saelig.com; (585) 425-3753

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