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VGA Camera Quickly Integrates Into Systems

Employing the company's 0.2" CMOS image sensor, the D190 camera module measures only 10 x 10 x 6.4 mm and includes a standard digital interface for quick integration into current system architectures. The module includes all passive components, a two-element plastic lens, and operates at up to 30 fps with full VGA resolution. It also performs color space conversion, brightness control, white balance control, and gamma correction. Output from the module is in standard YCrCb 422, RGB565, or JPEG formats. Other features include windowing options, horizontal and vertical flipping, and support for all standard-imaging formats. Available now in sample quantities, the D190 camera modules are priced under $10.00 in production quantities. For further information, call PICTOS TECHNOLOGIES, INC., Newport Beach, CA. (949) 417-5432.


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