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Vision Sensor Achieves Real Time Status

Touted as the world’s first vision sensor with real-time performance, a new four-camera machine vision sensor is used for advanced multi-angle applications. Its real-time rotation position compensation searches for parts located at random angles and positions, while maintaining high production speeds of up to 6,000 parts per minute. With the F250’s new edge code technology, positioning can be done with high precision, even with poor image quality, and defect inspection can detect fine scratches, dirt and deformities. The company’s original QUEST optical character recognition and verification algorithm enhances the detection of printed alphanumeric characters, regardless of their shape or size. The F250 has a built-in Ethernet port for flexible communications. A fine matching algorithm detects any differences between the registered model and the image being measured. This improved model-matching algorithm reveals fine defects on printed labels and graphic patterns that may have gone undetected. The product is suited for high-speed measurement and inspection applications, including product or package sorting, pharmaceutical package and lot code/date code inspection, high-speed bottle inspection, electronics inspection, random position reference, and high-speed robotic tool guidance. Price: $12,000. OMRON ELECTRONICS LLC, Shaumburg, IL. (800)556-6766.


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