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Voltage Regulator Prevents Fluctuation Problems

A new voltage regulation power distribution unit has been designed as a solution for voltage fluctuation problems. The Model TPC2993 is a 19" rack mount system that accepts a low voltage or over voltage anywhere from 105V to 137V. The sensing circuitry quickly reacts to the input voltage and adjusts the transformer to output a well regulated 120V ±5 V. Nine 120 Vac outlets let the user connect most any computer or electronic device. The TPC2993 is suited for information technology systems or audio, video and broadcast applications, especially for locations where utility regulation is poor, preventing damage to power supplies. The rugged, black, all-steel enclosure is 1U tall and 9.5" deep. Power input is on the rear via a power inlet, with several cable and plug options. Eight NEMA 5-15R receptacles are on the rear and one is on the front. The front panel has a main 15A circuit breaker doubling as an on/off switch. Voltage level indicator lights on the front panel monitor the power input, and additional indicators verify the unit is outputting a regulated 120V. An alert sounds if an extreme voltage has caused a shutdown. Price of the TPC2993 is $899. PULIZZI ENGINEERING INC., Santa Ana, Ca. (800) 870-2248.


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