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Vote For The Best Components Of The Year

Vote For The Best Components Of The Year

Welcome to Electronic Design’s Annual Top 101 Components survey!

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During the past 12 months, the editors of Electronic Design have been writing about components and publishing them on Electronic Design’s web site (electronicdesign.com) and in our Products of the Week e-newsletter. These are some of the best components for design engineers that have come to market and make up the initial list of candidates for our Top 101 Components of the year. In addition, we’ve expanded our list of candidates by asking vendors to nominate their best components, just in case we may have missed some good ones.

With a list of over 250 components now, we expect that you are using some of them. If you have used a particular component and are happy with it, we hope you will give it your vote. Or if you haven’t used one or more of these components in a prototype yet, you may have evaluated a bunch and are considering using them in the future. Or possibly an engineering colleague gave you good feedback on one or more of the components on the list. In any case, we’re hoping that you can scan the nominees and select a bunch that you think deserve to be in the Top 101.

We've classified the components into eight categories. Depending on the size of the group, you may select from two to six components in that group. For reference, you can view each of the products on the list by clicking the company name, just in case you want to read more about it.

That’s it. Thank you for participating. Your feedback is very important to us.

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