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VXI Backplane Touts Low Voltage Drop, Ease Of Cabling

Employing unique design techniques, the VXlbus 11-slot VXI backplane claims to provide the best power distribution in the industry. A laminated bus bar distributes ±24V, ±12V, -5.2V and 2V throughout the backplane, as opposed to bringing these voltages to the backplane at only one or two points. This technique is said to yield one of the lowest voltage drops in the industry. It also eases cabling requirements since the power cables need only be connected to one point for each voltage on the bus bar. Ground and the +5V line are distributed by standard, solid bus bars. Other features include automatic active BUSGRANT, IACK jumpers, and a four-point chassis ground that can be modified to isolate the chassis ground from the digital ground. Pricing starts under $1,000 with a lead time of two to four weeks ARO. For more details, call Justin Moll at BUSTRONIC CORP., Fremont, CA. (510) 490-7388.


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