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VXI Chassis Touts Rugged Construction

A high-power VXI chassis has been designed with a rugged construction, high power cooling modules, and RS-485 monitoring. The 11-slot RHP chassis is useful for the latest generation of high performance VXI applications. It was built for systems requiring low weight, high strength and high power. Two models differ in power supply output levels. Model RHP-1, with one dc power module, is rated for 1,460W, while Model RHP-2 has two modules and a combined rating of 2.2 kW. This power system is said to provide exceptional transient response, regulation, and fault tolerance. AC input power factor is 0.99 with power factor correction. The RHP’s high-current VXI C-size monolithic backplane includes active automatic bus-grant and IACK jumpering, active termination, and 96-pin, high-current DIN connectors. High frequency decoupling is provided at each slot, along with bulk distributed low-frequency decoupling. A ducted cooling system achieves high volume and pressure performance, and a high-pressure fan module provides 450 cfm at 0.4" H2O, making the RHP useful for high-density analog and digital VXI modules. An RS-485 monitor tracks VXI voltage, fan voltage, fan speed, intake and exhaust temperature. Typical measurement accuracy is within 1%. Price for a RHP-1.5KW starts at $11,245 each/5. TRACEWELL SYSTEMS INC., Westerville, OH. (800) 848-4525.


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