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Wall-Mount Enclosures Conform To IP67

Wall-Mount Enclosures Conform To IP67

Primed and ready for use in harsh indoor/outdoor environments, the 1555F family of IP67-sealed enclosures house wall-mountable PCB-based or DIN rail equipment such as security components, control equipment, and radio repeaters. They are available in RAL 7035 light gray and molded in either general-purpose ABS or flameproof polycarbonate. Initial six sizes range from 120 mm x 66 mm x 42 mm to 159 mm x 91 mm x 62 mm and all lids employ captive M4 stainless steel screws that engage with stainless steel inserts in the base. Environmental sealing is via a tongue and groove design and a molded silicon rubber gasket where all fixings are outside the gasket seal. For further information, contact Ray Shatzel at Hammond Manufacturing Co. Inc., Cheektowaga, NY. (716) 630-7030.

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