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Water-, Dustproof Fans Come In Three AC Ratings

The latest addition to the Aquas line of water-protected fans (see figure) is an ac-powered unit that meets the IP 55 waterproofing and dustproofing standards. Designers also can order the AA1282HB-AWQ-LF in versions that meet a variety of water-protection requirements for their specific applications. The fans come in a number of sizes, from 80 by 80 by 38 mm up to 120 by 120 by 38 mm. Designed to maintain an operating temperature of –10°C to 70°C (90°C by special order), the fans' standard life expectancy is 50,000 hours at 40°C.

The Aquas series targets applications with harsh environmental conditions, offering protection against direct or indirect sprays of water, extended exposure to salt spray, or air containing fine dust particles. To simplify installation, the fans can be fitted with a range of IP-protected connectors and with extended lead lengths.

Customers can order the AA1282HB-AWQ-LF for 110 V ac, 220 V ac, or dual 110/220 V ac. Prices run from $8 to $10, with a 10- to 12-week lead time.

JARO Thermal

The San Ace 36 dc cooling fan features the highest static pressure and largest airflow in the industry for a 36- by 36- by 28-mm unit, according to Sanyo Denki Co. Ltd. The fan suits 1U power supplies. It's rated at 12 V dc, but has an operating range of 7 to 13.2 V. Life expectancy is 40,000 hours at 60°C. The 9GV3612J302 has a static pressure of 525 Pa and airflow of 0.55 m3/min. It draws 9.0 W. The 9GV3612G302 features a static pressure of 275 Pa and airflow of 0.40 m3/min. It draws 4.1 W. Visit www.sanyodenki.co.jp.

The Mighty Mini fans and blowers from Sunon are well-suited to meet the cooling needs of next-generation PDAs, smart phones, GPS devices, and palm-size computers. Currently sampling are the 8- by 8- by 5-mm UF385-10, the 9- by 9- by 3-mm UB393-10, and the 30- by 30- by 3-mm UB5U3-10. The UF385-10 runs on 2.2 to 3.5 V and draws only 65 mA. Its static pressure is 3.7 Pa and airflow is 0.015 CFM. The unit weighs 0.44 g, and its noise level is 27.4 dBA at 2 cm. Larger models are also being developed. Check out www.sunon.com.

Designed to be an alternative when standard 38-mm fans are too thick and 25-mm fans lack the needed cooling power, the 158 series from Etri delivers 100 CFM with only 43 dBA of rated noise in a package that's 32 mm thick and 120 mm square. The series includes three speed versions up to 3050 rpm and standard voltages of 5, 12, 24, and 48 V dc. Customers can special-order other voltages. Available options include a speed sensor and alarm. Go to www.etrinet.com/new/158d.htm.

Focus on Heatsinks Pricing





Melcor Corp.

High-performance extrusion heatsinks

For dissipating heat from thermoelectric coolers from 30 by 30 mm to 62 by 62 mm in size; black anodized coating protects against outside contaminants; tapped M4 holes to mount fan

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TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division

Anotherm substrates

Designers can mount LEDs directly to aluminum alloy substrate to conduct heat away from devices; operate to 175°C, 250 V ac; thermal impedance characterized at 0.02°C/W

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Emulation Technology Inc.

Elliptical Fin ball-grid-array (BGA) heatsinks

For faster, higher-power BGA and other surface-mount chip sets; large elliptical fin design heatsinks efficient in low-airflow environments; attach to chip set with removable clip; sizes from 21 to 45 mm

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United Thermal Engineering Corp.

HS series miniature pin fin heatsinks

10 to 50 mm2 with 7- to 9-mm pin heights; custom sizes available; 99.7% pure aluminum maximizes dissipation; design and stamped manufacturing process minimizes volume needed

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U8090C2-25NC/L8090C2-51NC heatsinks for Intel Xeon (socket 771)

U8090C2-25NC for 1U system, L8090C2-51NC for 2U system; copper embedded base maximizes heat transfer; passive heatsinks; non-anodized with captive springs, screws, standoffs, and washers

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