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Water-Temperature Sensor Responds Quickly

Primarily poised for pool and spa applications, the AquaSense water-temperature sensor promises ease of installation and a fast temperature response time. Housed in a rugged, molded shell, it is compatible with most major pool/spa control systems. Installation requires drilling a 0.25” hole into the PVC piping, inserting the probe, and then using a standard 0.5” wide hose clamp to seal the O-ring onto the pipe. The sensor comes standard with 10 feet of AWG#22 PVC cable with the O-ring installed and it also adapts to RTDs and other temperature sensors. Other features include a variety of RvT curves, thermistor resistance values ranging from 5,000 to 30,000 Ohms, an operating temperature range from –20°C to +100°C, and a standard resistance tolerance of ±2% at 25°C. Options include various cable lengths and styles, multiple connectors and terminations, plus a variety of sensor values and accuracies. Price is $ 5 each/10,000. SPECTRUM SENSORS & CONTROLS INC., St. Marys, PA. (814) 834-1541.


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