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Wire Resists Oxidation, Corrosion

A new molybdenum wire has been designed for fabricating devices requiring resistance to oxidation and corrosion at high temperatures. This metallurgically bonded platinum- or nickel-clad wire and ribbon is typically used in the fabrication of ceramic feedthroughs and other high temperature and high power interconnect devices. Size ranges from 0.004" to 0.060" O.D. with cladding ranging from 14% to 38% by weight, and 4.5 to 55 microns, depending upon diameter. Lauded for superior ductility, formability and weld-ability, the molybdenum wire is said to withstand temperatures up to 1,200°C depending upon the material and application. This clad wire has a smooth, consistent surface finish and can be supplied as wire or ribbon, spooled or coiled, and in straight lengths. Price ranges from $1 to $30/foot. ANOMET PRODUCTS INC., Shrewsbury, MA. (508) 842-3069.


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