ZIF Connector Boosts FFC/FPC Retention Force

ZIF Connector Boosts FFC/FPC Retention Force

Targeting applications that use flexible printed circuit (FPC) or flexible flat cable (FFC), Hirose Electric developed a halogen-free, 0.5-mm-pitch, zero-force-insertion (ZIF) connector. The FH52’s design increases the retention force on the FFC/FPC—up to 29.01 N—and facilitates the positioning and insertion of the cable. Specifically, its mated height of 2 mm (from 8 to 60 available positions) and an actuator opening simplifies the FPC/FFC insertion process by allowing the actuator to rotate up to 110°. A robust locking structure, which delivers a firm and clear tactile click that verifies completion of the locking process, enhances reliability and actuator retention. “Side catches” hold the tabbed FPC/FFC in place, increase the retention forces placed onto the FPC/FFC, provide a guide for positioning, and maintain a consistent connection. Applications include audio/video/recording devices, car navigation, notebook PCs, portable medical devices, industrial control units, LCD and digital TVs, PPCs, PDPs, and numerous others.


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