Sourcery CodeBench Enhances Build, Debug, Optimization Capabilities

The latest version of Mentor Graphics’ Sourcery CodeBench embedded development platform offers access to updated and validated open source software (OSS) components. It boosts debugging and runtime performance while accelerating compilation. Specific enhancements include updates to the compiler to GCC 4.8.1 and to Eclipse CDT 8.2. An augmented GNU debugger (GDB) console enables breakpoints, watchpoints, and tracepoints to be set and shown in the breakpoints view. The user interface now supports and synchronizes with all breakpoints related to GDB commands. There’s support for the Subversion revision control system and Windows 8 (including extended compile caching to speed compile times). Moreover, embedded Linux developers can customize trace and performance analysis routines using updated Sourcery Analyzer technology. Features include support for importing diagnostic logging and trace (DLT) file format; data collection from remote systems using the standalone data-collection script-generation tool; and extended documentation plus improved code template creation of custom analysis agents.

A free trial download is available here.



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