Altia’s Updated GUI Editor Helps Simplify Embedded GUI Design/Deployment

New features and updates to the latest version of Altia’s GUI Editor—Altia Design 11.1.1—were implemented to facilitate and speed the creation of customized graphic user interfaces (GUIs). Updates to the “Validator” allow users to sort and view results on selected item, enabling them to focus analysis on a limited part of the design. Built-in intelligence regards the user’s selected hardware assures that the features built into the GUI are compatible. The “3D Scene Object” now supports light intensity, split and parallel animations, and normal and reflection mapping. It also can convert 3D movie playback into event- or data-driven animations. New “Monotype Font Engine” support gives users the option to employ the latest in font technology from Monotype. “Video Layer Support,” added to the Layer Manager, takes advantage of hardware layers to display video on supported targets. It also provides an easier way to use embedded video code within a GUI. Finally, new and improved libraries of pre-built components include best practices for embedded GUIs with reduced footprint.


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