Bluetooth Starter Dev Kit Costs $99

Bluetooth Starter Dev Kit Costs $99

Based on the CSR µEnergy platform, CSR plc’s Starter Development Kit offers a low-cost environment for developers attempting to create, and move quickly to production, their first Bluetooth Smart products. The target board incorporates a CSR µEnergy IC on a reference module, a USB programming interface, and interfaces for breaking out I/O to application-specific sensors and actuators. It’s typically powered from the host USB connection, but can also run standalone from an on-board coin cell (not included). The $99 kit also accelerates hardware development thanks to FCC and ETSI RF certified reference module designs supported with full design files. Included are a hardware development board, CSR1010 module, mini USB cable, and setup and quick-start guides. A suite of profiles and example applications to run on-chip are coupled with example source code for iOS and Android. Among the example apps are heart-rate sensors, alert tags, mice and keyboards, and cadence sensors.


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