Development Environment Incorporates System Analyzer Tool

Development Environment Incorporates System Analyzer Tool

Mentor Graphics Embedded Sourcery CodeBench is now integrated with Mentor's Sourcery Analyzer (Fig. 1) and Ashling's Vitra-XD trace probe. The probe has a 2 Gbyte memory buffer and its capture capacity is over 500 Gbytes. The non-intrusive real-time trace is designed for high speed capture of ARM core data. It operates at 400 MHz double data rate, time-stamped transfers with automatic trace clock/data skew adjustments.

Figure 1. Mentor Graphic's Sourcery Analyzer is now part of the Embedded Sourcery CodeBench development environment.

The Sourcery Analyzer has been enhanced with 15 different agents in the Analysis Agent Library. The agents automate data collection and analysis. This provides kernel and application visualization support. The Linux Trace Toolkit (LTTng) supports automated data collection. The tracing framework supports kernel and userspace debugging. The system supports event import from other sources as well.

Sourcery Analyzer and CodeBench now support Windows as a host environment. Data collection overhead has been reduced on Linux systems providing better system performance. The system also handles multiple processes and forks better.

The Sourcery CodeBench includes support for the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) version 4.7.3 and EGLIBC 2.17. The system handles compilation caching to reduce the time needed for repeated builds. The source management support now include Git source code repositories.

The GNU debugger (GDB) is part of the package. It handles synchronization of breakpoints between the console and breakpoints views. Single step speed has been improved as well.

In addition to the Ashling's Vitra-XD trace probe support, the system also supports the Segger J-Link and STMicroelectronics ST-Link debug probes. Pricing for the Personal Edition is $399 and $3,000 for the Professional Edition that include Sourcery Analyzer.

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