eMMC Software Accelerator Shrinks Write Amplification

Datalight’s FlashFXe software accelerator for eMMC, which integrates seamlessly with the Reliance Nitro fault-tolerant system on Linux and Android, significantly reduces write amplification that often plagues solid-state storage. Random write speeds receive as much as a 50% boost, thus improving database operations with no loss of reliability. Also, a more efficient writing profile diminishes wear on flash parts by 40%, extending lifetime and dropping power consumption by more than 50% to accomplish the same tasks. The software’s Dynamic Transaction Point technology provides immunity from file corruption, even after an unexpected system interruption. Embedded applications can benefit from faster boot times that remain consistent throughout the product’s life, regardless of disk size. FlashFXe and Reliance Nitro ship in ANSI source code, and include developer tools and complete documentation.


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