Interview: Sheneka Coleman Talks About The Embedded Software Store

Interview: Sheneka Coleman Talks About The Embedded Software Store

Avnet is one of the largest distributors of embedded technology and electronic components including software. Its Embedded Software Store provides a way to find and purchase embedded software development tools, platforms, middleware and operating systems. Hardware evaluation kits are also available.

I talked with Sheneka Coleman, Web Project and Marketing Director for the Embedded Software Store, to find out how things have changed since the store first opened over a year ago.

Wong: What is the Embedded Software Store?

Coleman: The Embedded Software Store is an online information and e-Commerce website -- one stop shop website for embedded developers that helps tackle the challenges presented by increased software and SoC design complexity. The site provides information for developers that makes it easier to evaluate and choose the embedded software they need for their design, with the ability to purchase and download it as well.

Wong: Can you give some examples of the kinds of software that is available from the store?

Coleman: The top 10 types of software on the site include RTOS, files systems, networking, developer’s tools, Bluetooth, Codecs, Libraries, USB, SSL and Board Support Packages. 

Wong: What does it offer to embedded developers that a typical website does not?

Coleman: In one site -- we bring together multiple software vendors content and software. This allows embedded design engineers to compare and evaluate products – then purchase what they need from one location; and it helps them get their own product to market faster. They can also download the software immediately upon purchase from our site.

Wong: Who provides the support for purchase?

Coleman: The original software vendors provided technical support for their products.

Wong: How does the store make the research and buying process easier? 

Coleman: We take a solution-based approach by giving the customer a one-stop shopping experience. On top of this, they have the ability to utilize their Avnet account terms (existing customers) or can use a credit card or purchase order to complete the sale. Taking a step back: Avnet customers have the ability to purchase hardware, software and service from our company with the advent of this store.

Wong: How has the store changed since its inception? 

Coleman: We recently announced the expansion of the store to include other architectures such as MSP430, Power PC and more. We also offer bundle solutions for example the Blue tooth Dual Mode Hardware and Software Kick start bundle which includes hardware from TI, STMicroelectronics and software from Stonestreet One.

Wong: How does the store integrate with Avnet’s other offerings and services?

Coleman: Software is an integral part in the design process. We have noticed the addition of the software engineer on the design team where the software is driving the hardware decision, and we want to be sure that solution is offered to our customers.

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