Latest Version Of TASKING C Compiler Includes “Software Platform”

Latest Version Of TASKING C Compiler Includes “Software Platform”

Version 5 of the TASKING compiler suite for ARM now features the Software Platform. The cost-conscious Software Platform delivers rapid prototyping and code development for ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers (MCUs). The VX-toolset for ARM is the first TASKING compiler suite to receive Software Platform technology. It’s integrated into the toolset’s Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE). The suite also includes a C/C++ compiler (with built-in MISRA C and CERT C code analyzer), simulator, and hardware debugger, along with middleware components such as TCP/IP, USB, CAN, Web server, graphical user interface, and an RTOS. After selecting the desired middleware options and Cortex-M-based MCU in the IDE for a given project, the Software Platform generates the framework code that delivers the required functionality for the application without worrying about integration incompatibilities. Adding, removing, and configuring middleware components, or changing the Cortex-M MCU takes only a few mouse clicks. The new TASKING release supports a range of Cortex-M-based MCUs, such as variants from STMicroelectronics (STM32), Silicon Labs (Zero Gecko), and Freescale (Kinetis).


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