Middleware Package Facilitates IoT Development

According to Express Logic, its X-Ware integrated, comprehensive middleware solutions offers a solid foundation for Internet-of-Things (IoT) development. X-Ware consists of the company’s ThreadX RTOS integrated with FileX, NetX, NetX Duo, USBX, GUIX, GUIX Studio, and Trace X middleware. Integration of the middleware helps achieve optimized performance as well as minimize footprint. All of the X-Ware components can be used in IoT devices requiring a graphical user interface, high-speed networking, USB capability, a file system, and an RTOS. FileX is an MS-DOS-compatible file system, and NetX offers high-performance implementation of TCP/IP protocols. The GUIX is a graphical-user-interface development toolkit; USBX delivers a USB host, device, and On-The-Go (OTG) embedded stack; and TraceX is a host-based system-event analysis tool.



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