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New 5G Exploration Library Is Industry’s First

Providing ready-to-use reference signal processing intellectual property (IP) for 5G technology research, the new Keysight 5G Baseband Exploration Library increases productivity for system architects and baseband physical layer (PHY) designers. It supports various 5G candidate waveforms for orthogonal and non-orthogonal multicarrier communication systems, including advanced MIMO and beam-forming signal processing.

The library also provides transmitter and reference receiver modeling examples that can be easily redesigned to achieve optimal performance for comparison of each of the candidate standards proposals. It consists of source code, models, subsystems, simulation examples, and infrastructure components for the rapid development and verification of advanced digital modems using Keysight’s SystemVue electronic system-level simulation platform. SystemVue’s integrated simulation environment allows users to investigate, implement, and verify their communications PHY signal processing designs with dynamic link-level scenarios.

Keysight’s 5G Baseband Exploration Library will be available in late November as part of the new SystemVue 2014 release.


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