The chipKIT WF32 board left and the chipKIT Motor Control Shield right

The chipKIT WF32 board (left) and the chipKIT Motor Control Shield (right).

New Dev Tools, Cloud Software Added To Arduino Ecosystem

Microchip expanded its Arduino compatible chipKIT ecosystem with two development tools from Diligent Inc. and an embedded cloud-software network. Diligent’s chipKIT WF32 board reduces the need to purchase additional hardware or shields by integrating Microchip’s 32-bit PIC32MX695F512L MCU, its MRF24WG0MA Wi-Fi module, and a switch-mode power supply that employs the company’s MCP16301 dc-dc converter, along with a MicroSD card. With Diligent’s chipKIT Motor Control Shield, applications can be developed using various motor types, such as servos and steppers, while enabling users to exploit extra I/O pins found on chipKIT development boards to enhance connectivity. The embedded cloud software framework facilitates creation of “Internet of Things” (IoT) applications with the WF32. Diligent helps speed the development of wireless HTTP server applications with its comprehensive sample application that supports static pages loaded from the WF32’s MicroSD card, as well as dynamically generated Web pages. The WF32 offers a rapid method for evaluating Wi-Fi in embedded designs, and for creating embedded cloud-computing services using Exosite.


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